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Her used clothing boutique, which opened on Nov. 16, carries only children’s garments, an idea that has been brewing in Veliz’s head for years.

“Well, my whole life I have been around kids,” she said.  “And I could see the kids grow so fast, and they leave the clothes in good condition. I think it’s a good idea to pass them on to someone else.”


All items in the shop have been worn only a few times or not at all, and many of the garments still have their original tags.

She also sells baby and toddler accessories like bassinets, diaper pails, bouncers, cribs and strollers in like-new condition. No scratches, stains or broken items — no exceptions.  There are also a few new things for sale, like leotards, tutus and other dance wear, as well as toys for boys and girls.

“I think this is nice,” said Peggy Morgan, a mother who works at nearby John Burroughs High School. “Very clean, things are displayed nicely.”

The store carries clothes for children from infant age to size 12 in several clearly marked racks for boys and girls, with shoes of every size and variety in the back.

There is also a small sitting and play area for children to watch television and read books while their parents and caretakers shop.

Morgan came in on Tuesday afternoon looking to buy some winter clothes for a growing infant.

She said in her experience raising two children, a 17-year-old and 2-year-old, clothes often go unused due to growth spurts.

“Babies only wear things for a short time, and then they outgrow them,” Morgan said.  “Half the time you don’t even get the price tags off them before they outgrow it.”

That’s where many of the clothes in Wear it Once, Wear it Twice come from. But before they hit the floor, every garment and accessory, from stuffed animals to stroller pads, is steamed in the store.

“I make sure the clothes are cleaned, in very good condition,” Veliz said.

And it’s all done by her or one of her family members, she said, just like the styling and the scouting for the store location was.

She decided to start her career as a business owner inBurbank because her nephew is a resident and found the spot for her when he was driving by one day, just by coincidence.

“It took me months and months, going from city to city, but the prices were too high,” she said. “Since the store opened, the community has been just stopping by and saying welcome to the neighborhood. That makes me feel like I’m in the right place.”


Business Spotlight:

Garments get a second chance 


"Verdugo Avenue store caters to the frugal parent and offers children’s clothes in like-new condition." 

By Rachel Kane.


Despite many a mother’s wish, no child stays little forever.  Children grow up fast, and Aura Veliz, owner of Wear it Once, Wear it Twice on West Verdugo Avenue, is taking advantage of the adage.

Wear It Once, Wear It Twice

The right clothes

at the right price!


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